5 Artists You Should Know

1. Jamian Juliano-Villani (Bomb Ass Negroni, 2017)

2. Nick Dahlen (Cover art for Small Moments by Dan Kye, Rhythm Section, 2020)

3. Ebecho Muslimova (‘2017’ show at Magenta Plains, New York, 2017)

4. Jonny Negron (Untitled)

5. Lucas Dillon (Expecting to Leave, 2015)

Now You Know, a How To Guide by Tony Arcabascio

I was packing my books up to move house and rediscovered this how-to guide by @tonyarcabascio which talks you through surviving city life.

Tony reminisces pre-internet era New York, where entertainment was devising home made explosives and breaking in to cars with an aluminium ruler. Each chapter is a cross between a how-to manual (a bit like The Anarchist’s Cookbook, which I might post on later) and an autobiographical memoir. How To Torch A Car and How To Turn A Man Into A Boy are the best. 

The book was released by LA based Arkitip, who, if you’ve been sleeping on, should go investigate now, no hesitation. Arkitip are a grassroots publishing company most famous for their namesake magazine which gets curated by artists such as Ed Templeton, Kaws, Nike, and just about every creative person who’s done anything remotely interesting over the past ten years. Their latest production is Baccala, the cult Italian heritage fashion magazine, by Arkitip’s co-founder Scott A. Sant’Angelo, skateboarding photographer, alongside Milan based fashion photographer Alessandro Casagrande.

Baccala also features a piece by Tony where he curates objects he’s kept from his lively past, each of which has a story told in his colloquial writing style, as if he’s speaking directly to you. ‘I love collecting, documenting and archiving almost everything in my life’, he begins, and he doesn’t lie… The spread features a beat-up old home made deoderant-can tagging marker from school days, his dad’s union book from a family restaurant business and a Louis Vuitton skeleton key, all photographed on a pristine white background, e-commerce style.

Baccala is available here, and there are a few remaining copies of Now You Know left on the Arkitip website.

Bootleg jazz cassette label Loathed Sound closes

Loathed Sound is a cassette label that specialises in spiritual jazz, reggae, psych, high life, soul and rare grooves of the rarest kind. After vinyl, playing a tape seems like the only natural way to experience archival Sun Ra recordings.

Cassettes have become more available as a (very niche) listening format once again, Good Morning Tapes distribute their mixes on tape, some NTS shows are tape mixes only and Joyce Wrice released her 2017 single on Akashik Records as a cassette.

To lurk their beautiful cassette covers and past selections, follow the Loathed Sound Instagram account here, and shop the last of their tape stock and bootleg Don Cherry tees on their website here.

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